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Garry Mitchell created The Mitchell Report to help readers sort out their own thinking on important political and public policy issues. TMR's basic ingredients are analysis, opinion, and occasional flashes of humor.

Mitchell brings a mix of professional experience in private, public, and nonprofit sector organizations to his perspectives and commentary.

He has served as president and chief executive officer of a national environmental education corporation, a major industry trade association, and business units of two global advertising and strategic communications firms.

He's been a cabinet officer for a progressive western governor; a senior political and policy advisor to leading members of Congress; a candidate for public office; a serious student of American history and politics for more than a quarter-century; a director and trustee of several civic, charitable, and corporate boards; and is the author of "Not Working: Who and What's Not Working in the New Economy."

Mitchell writes from his home base in Washington, D. C., and an away base in Annapolis, MD. He is a member of the Atlantic Council of the U. S., Washington Institute of Foreign Affairs, and a former adjunct professor at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Relations and contributor to the Council on Foreign Relations website -- -- He's an alumnus of Haverford College and the University of Colorado, and the father of Stacey H. Mitchell, the federal government's leading environmental prosecutor, and grandfather to Jack Collins Mitchell, who divides his time between skiing the trees and powder at Aspen, riding a Ducati with his talented father, Martin Lackovic, chef and owner of DC's Siroc restaurant, and cleverly disguising himself in Spiderman, Superman, and Batman costumes -- all before reaching the golden age of 4.

He is pictured here with his soul mate -- Pi, aka Piper -- whose sister, Rooney, was unavailable for this picture-taking session, but is possibly THE cutest beagle in the universe.


A very long list, having mostly to do with what makes people and organizations and societies tick. What accounts for creativity and how to keep it flowing, and what to do when it ain't -- 'stuckness.' as Freeman Dyson and Robert Pirsig call it. There's more, of course.